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About Forum problem !
Published on 23-01-2017

Dear members,

We had some problems with databases and we lost some posts in forum, now everything is fixed and it's working, unfortunately we cannot get back posts.

IMPORTANT : All of you who got paid by us, I am pleasing you to post again the payment proofs in the "Payment Proofs" topic because this data loss affected also some payment proofs and this is so important for us.

Probux Inc Staff.

Earn more with Probux [Ad Packs - Revshare]
Published on 04-01-2017

Hello everyone,

Let me start this news by thanking everyone for the trust, love and support you have given us over the past year. We wish you all the best of this new year 2017 to be successful year to change your life with Probux. I would like to inform you about revenue shares has been added today.

* Do you like to earn more with Probux?
* Are you tired of daily clicks on advertisements?
* Are you sick of your inactive direct referrals?
* Are you exhausted of inactive rents with low averages?
* Are you looking for a cheap ad package to promote your blog, referral link or any website of your business?

So, this post is for those of you who have had any of the above issues. The best option for you is our revenue sharing section. Although some information about revshare is available in summary on the upgrade page, let me explain it in more details here like difference between memberships and some of the common questions. The price of each Ad Pack is $10 for all memberships. What differ are the number of ad packs each membership type can purchase as well as the larger profits which are as follows:

Share maturing at: $11.70
Maximum share: 100
Share duration: 65 Days
Daily profit (%): 1.80 %
So receive $0.18 for 65 days. => $1.70 (Profit without doing anything)

Share maturing at: $11.70
Maximum share: 250
Share duration: 65 Days
Daily profit (%): 1.80%
So receive $0.18 for 65 days. => $1.70 Profit

Share maturing at: $12.35
Maximum share: 600
Share duration: 65 Days
Daily profit (%): 1.90%
So receive $0.19 for 65 days. => $2.35 Profit

Share maturing at: $13.00
Maximum share: 1400
Share duration: 65 Days
Daily profit (%): 2.00%
So receive $0.20 for 65 days. => $3.00 Profit

Share maturing at: $13.65
Maximum share: 3000
Share duration: 65 Days
Daily profit (%): 2.10%
So receive $0.21 for 65 days. => $3.65 Profit

With these details the benefit of doing an upgrade is completely clear, because with upgrade you will:

- Increase your profits
- Be able to purchase more ad packs
- Recover your initial deposit and reach to the .break even point earlier

Some notes and common questions:

[1] By signing up on Probux, if your purpose is only purchasing advertisement, then revenue sharing in the best option for you, as that would be 2 birds with one stone, you will earn revenue while receiving an special advertisement pack for each ad pack purchased instantly added to your account.

- 2000 PTC Credits (Upon purchase)
- 5000 Featured Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
- 5000 Banner Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
- 50 Points (Upon purchase)

[2] You will no longer need to click on advertisement in order to receive your daily profit.
[3] You are able to purchase all of your allowed number of ad packs at once.
[4] You can buy ad packs whenever you like and there is no limitation (as per rent referrals) such as only one purchase every 7 days.
[5] You can pay for each ad pack using either your main balance, purchase balance or and of our payment processors.

We want to thank you again for being with us and hope you will stay with us for many more years to come.


Kindly Regards,
Probux Inc Admin

Christmas Promotion #2
Published on 28-12-2016

Hello dear members,


It is time for the final promotion for the holidays!
With this promotion we celebrate Christmas promotion #2, the end of a successful business year and the beginning of the New Year!

We have prepared 2 great offers for you:

Offer 1 : Deposit Bonus

$5 - $50 - you'll get a bonus of 5% + 10000 PTC Credits + 10000 Banner ad credits
$51 - $100 - you'll get a bonus of 10% + 20000 PTC Credits + 50000 Banner ad credits
$101 - $200 - you'll get a bonus 15% + 50000 PTC Credits + 100000 Banner ad credits + 10 Login ad credits +50 RR
+$200 - you'll get a bonus 20% + 100000 PTC Credits + 300000 Banner ad credits + 30 Login ad credits + 100 RR

Offer 2 : Deposit Bonus

If your deposit $5 - $150 you'll get bonus 10% + 1 RR for for every $2 deposited.
If your deposit $151 or more you'll get bonus 10% + 1 RR for for every $1 deposited.

---------------------------(Valid till the 31/12/2016 23:59 server time)----------------------------


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best Regards,
Probux Inc Admin

Winter Season & Christmas Promotion #1
Published on 21-12-2016

Dear members,

We are very pleased to have you, the greatest community ever we would like to thank all of you and wish all the best during these upcoming holdidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We also want to thank all of you for putting your trust in us during this year.

We wish the same trust during 2017 and higher one by helping us grow our community.

For this end of year we want to celebrate with you and we have prepared to you giving Two great promos that will give you more incomes.

ONE Promo: " Rent Referral extension "

30 days - 5% (instead of 0%)
60 days - 15% (instead of 10%)
90 days - 22% (instead of 17%)
150 days - 29% (instead of 24%)
240 days - 35% (instead of 30%)
365 days - 40% (instead of 35%)


TWO Promo: " Membership Discount "
So, let's not Waste any more time. Our first promo is the discount on all duration upgrade Memberships up to 25%.

- Advanced 365 Days: $126.65 (Original price $149 - 15% discount)
- Premium 365 Days: $239.20 (Original price $299 - 20% discount)
- Amazing 365 Days: $749.25 (Original price $999 - 25% discount)

Click here to see more: Upgrade Memberships


Hope all members have a great time and enjoy our Two promotions.

Promo is available from 12/22/2016 00:00 ~ 12/25/2015 23:59 [4 days]


Thank you!


Best Regards,

Perfect Money processor available now!
Published on 05-12-2016

Hello members,

This is for members having the choice to deposit and withdraw money only using Paypal.
Paypal have increased their fees and they make fee for employers and employees, anyway they are the only beneficiary of transactions.

But from now we have available processor Perfect Money and also we suggest to use our favorite processor is Perfect Money and Payza, they have a low of fees and they have perfect services!




Probux Inc Admin